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Harness the power of the female brain to flourish.

THE FEMALE BRAIN is a Human Givens Day dedicated to facilitate Female Flourishing, with a bedrock of the latest neuropsychological knowledge about how the Female Brain actually works. For there is no such thing as a non-gendered brain. Male and female brain architecture is different. This course delivers the information to help you help yourself by enabling a deeper understanding of your distinct emotional needs and how to get them met. We’ll also explore the challenge of biochemical and hormonal fluctuations and how best to navigate these, particularly at times of life transition. The course will also include an outlining of your innate resources and how to harness them to lead a more fulfilled life.

Biology and neurochemistry is not destiny. But, an understanding of the neuropsychological underpinnings of being female in the world helps you to make sense of, and maximize, your natural heritage.

  • A strong understanding of the scientific distinctiveness of the female brain in order to:
    •   Understand your emotional needs & how to get them met
    •   Understand & enhance your key relationships
  • Management of biochemical and hormonal fluctuations and life transitions with greater insight & ease
  • Better use of your distinct innate resources to live a more fulfilled life.


The Day:

The day will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm approximately. A 45-minute lunch break and two 15-minute tea/coffee breaks will be included. Tea/Coffee and lunch will be provided.


Part 1   In Search of Oxytocin

Nature’s default is female. All foetuses have a female brain until 6-8 weeks old in the womb when its brain is then marinated in either oestrogen (girls) or testosterone (boys). Understanding the impact of hormones on the foetus in the womb, and to us throughout the lifecycle, is valuable information. Their role in our development – how we see our world, how we interact with it, interpret it and how our reality is moulded accordingly – is now more fully understood than at any time in our development, thanks to the advances of neuroscience. We explore our neurochemical underpinnings in the first part of the day. Often to choruses of identification, laughter and illustrative personal stories!


Part 2  Brain Sex 

We explore the key sex differences in male and female brains – in the architecture and in function. What makes a brain male or female? Do all women have female brains and men male brains? We outline the research which explains a lot about why men and women approach tasks and their worlds differently.  It’s vital information to enhance understanding and relationships. You’ll also get the chance to assess just how female/male your own brain is…


Part 3  Environmental Impact & Human Givens

And of course our brain and biology interacts with the external world. None of us live in a vacuum. We look briefly at the impact of the environment – not in the green sense, but in the sense of our surroundings, cultural norms and expectations. A toxic environment is one of the barriers to us getting our needs met. We look at how we negotiate that environment by using our resources well. And that a healthy use of our resources enables us to get our innate emotional needs met: The Human Givens Psychological Approach.


Part 4 The Female ToolKit

There are distinct differences in how mental/emotional distress manifests for women and men. We look at those differences and at the key needs that are most salient to each gender. And, most importantly, how to meet them. This layered understanding of brain, biology and environmental impact, alongside the key emotional needs to be fulfilled,  becomes an empowering information base. From it, we devise a ‘Female ToolKit’. This is composed of the key questions to answer when you feel out of synch with your world, alongside the key tools you can use to help foster and further your emotional fitness. And flourish!


Facilitators:  Cathriona Edwards and Sue Saunders

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All courses take place at The Dublin Human Givens Centre, Dun Laoghaire

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