THE FEMALE BRAIN – Autumn Dates 2014


1 Day Workshop

Dates: This workshop will be run on the following dates throughout autumn 2014

  • Sunday 19 Oct
  • Saturday 22 Nov


Time: 9.30 – 4.30

Harness the power of the female brain to flourish.

THE FEMALE BRAIN is a Human Givens one-day workshop dedicated to facilitate Female Flourishing, with a bedrock of the latest neuropsychological knowledge about how the Female Brain actually works. For there is no such thing as a non-gendered brain. Male and female brain architecture is different. This course delivers the information to help you help yourself by enabling a deeper understanding of your distinct emotional needs and how to get them met. We’ll also explore the challenge of biochemical and hormonal fluctuations and how best to navigate these, particularly at times of life transition. The course will also include an outline of your innate resources and how to harness them to lead a more fulfilled life.

Biology and neurochemistry is not destiny. But, an understanding of the neuropsychological underpinnings of being female in the world helps you to make sense of, and maximize, your natural heritage.

  • A strong understanding of the scientific distinctiveness of the female brain in order to:
    •   Understand your emotional needs & how to get them met
    •   Understand & enhance your key relationships
  • Management of biochemical and hormonal fluctuations and life transitions with greater insight & ease
  • Better use of your distinct innate resources to live a more fulfilled life.


The Day:

The day will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm approximately. A 45-minute lunch break and two 15-minute tea/coffee breaks will be included. Tea/Coffee and lunch will be provided.

Cost: €100 per person – includes notes, refreshments & lunch.

To Book:

You can book directly with us at the Dublin Human Givens Centre by or phoning: 01 2894097 and paying a deposit of €30 to secure your place.

Video Introduction by Cathriona & Sue:

Click this link to video on You-Tube