Emotional Well-being and Building Resilience – Saturday 20th October

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As humans we are aware of our physical needs and how to get them met, but what about our emotional needs?  What are our emotional needs as humans and how do we ensure we get them met? Our emotional needs are a form of nutrition and when these are not met adequately we can feel depleted and under nourished, just as when we are not physically at our best.  Learn how you can build resilience in this ever changing world no matter what your circumstances.  In this three hour workshop you will learn about your emotional needs and how you can get them met adequately.  You will explore the wonderful resources you already have and how you can use them to your advantage.  Using both your needs and resources you can learn techniques to help you build resilience.  You will practice relaxation techniques to help you cope better with every day stresses.  This is an interactive morning with plenty of opportunity to explore your own emotional well-being needs.  Participants will gain the knowledge of what their emotional needs are and information on how to use their resources to get them met and how these can empower you to build resilience to whatever comes your way. Join us for this enjoyable, interactive and relaxing morning. Give yourself three hours of self care to look after your well being and ultimately reap the benefits to emerge more resilient, relaxed and with the knowledge on how to look after yourself no matter what comes your way.

Date: Saturday 20th October – 10am-1pm

Facilitators: Anne-Marie Curran and Avril Bailey

Cost: €50 payable on the day

Contact: Anne-Marie on 0866009019 or annemarie@dublinhumangivens.ie