Joe Griffin – ‘Emotional Health & Wellbeing’ – 31st Oct

A Seminar by Joe Griffin

Joe will explain just why GOOD EMOTIONAL HEALTH is essential to personal well-being and helping people develop to their fullest potential in all areas in life. He will also explain how an understanding of emotional needs and how to get them met, helps to restore a happy, balanced and productive individual who is positively contributing to society.

The new breakthrough Human Givens discoveries about how to lift depression fast without drugs will also feature in Joe’s talk.

Joe or any of the Human Givens therapists in attendance will be happy to answer any of your questions on the evening.

Venue: J.M. Synge Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin
Date: Wed 31st Oct Time: 7.30pm
Cost: Free

Joe Griffin BSc Hons (Psych) M.Phil (Psych) is co-founder of Human Givens Psychotherapy and works at the leading edge of skills-based therapy. He has co-authored six best selling books on psychotherapy and is recognised on radio, television, and numerous publications as a skilled and entertaining speaker.